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Alumni Medal of Achievement: Mitchell Moffit & Gregory Brown, ASAP Science

Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown, ASAP Science

Mitchell Moffit, B.Sc. ’10 and Gregory Brown, B.Sc. ’11
ASAP Science

Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown are the duo behind the hugely popular AsapSCIENCE YouTube channel. Launched in 2012, AsapSCIENCE began creating videos to inspire and educate people of all ages to take an interest in science. The videos offered informative and entertaining scientific explanations through a weekly animated web series.

In 2015, Mitch and Greg also published a book, AsapSCIENCE: Answers to the World’s Weirdest Questions, Most Persistent Rumours and Unexplained Phenomena.

With more than six million subscribers and 738 million views, AsapSCIENCE created a second channel called AsapTHOUGHT producing videos described as “science with a social conscience.” AsapSCIENCE has established itself as a much sought-after brand and production company, continuing to broaden the appeal and accessibility of science. In 2016, Mitchell and Gregory returned to the University of Guelph on the invitation of the CBS Student Council to connect with current students. They shared their journey and exclaimed how their love of learning and science originated with their alma mater.

Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown will be honoured at the UGAA Awards of Excellence Gala on June 9, 2017.



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