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As a graduate of the University of Guelph, you're automatically a member of the University of Guelph Alumni Association. All Guelph graduates are eligible for great services and benefits, and have opportunities to get involved with their alma mater by attending events, volunteering, joining chapters and other constituent groups. We invite you to stay connected to the # 1 University in Canada and meet other alumni who have the same passion for U of G as you do!


UGAA Board of Directors

The UGAA is an incorporated body with letters patent, a constitution, by-laws, and an elected Board of Directors composed of 10 alumni volunteers. Its overall mission is to sustain and strengthen the University of Guelph through programs and activities designed to:

  • Encourage communication among alumni and between alumni and the university community.
  • Promote opportunities for lifelong relationships
  • Facilitate participation in the affairs and activities of the University
  • Foster partnerships between the University and the public



UGAA Board of Directors

Richard Horne
Brandon Gorman
Past President
Courtney J. De Caire
Vice-President, Internal
Christina Crowley Arklie
Vice-President, External
Sheri Morgan
Jessica Bird
Doug Campbell
Sandy Chen
Mark Jay
Katelin Nero


Mission Statement: To serve alumni and strengthen and sustain the University of Guelph


Strategic Goal:
To make repsentations to governments, public servants, inter- and intra-post secondary education agencies and the public on matters affecting higher education in Ontario and beyond.
Strategic Goal:
To encourage and facilitate alumni engagement in the life of the University and interaction with each other, and to provide them with tangible services and benefits.
Strategic Goal:
To create and effectively deliver key UGAA messages to alumni in support of all other UGAA goals.
Strategic Goal:
To honour, recognize and celebrate the contributions and accomplishments of outstanding alumni.
Strategic Goal:
To provide the UGAA with predictable, stable and expanding financial resources.
Strategic Goal:
To ensure the sound leadership and continuous development of the UGAA by recruiting to the UGAA Board a succession of dedicated alumni with appropriate skill sets.
Strategic Goal:
To initiate the development of lifelong loyalties to the University by nurturing meaningful relationships between incoming and in-course students and the UGAA.


Constituent Groups & Alumni Associations

As a lifelong member of the UGAA, you also have the opportunity to join other alumni groups to help stay connected to your alma mater.

Constituent groups allow grads to remain engaged in the life of the University by offering various volunteer opportunities, which can include career nights, mentoring, speaking functions, and other possibilities. Learn more by following the links below:

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Alumni Affairs and Development builds lifelong relationships with alumni, parents, staff, faculty and friends of the University of Guelph. We raise funds to support the University and advance its mission to improve life.

Charitable Registration Number:
10816 1829 RR 0001


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